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La Via Lattea has produced quality ice cream since 1989 and was the first company to introduce packaged organic ice cream in Italy.

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Right from the start our philosophy has been to produce high quality ice cream, following a precise process that begins with the selection of the best ingredients from local producers, including in our production the use of ingredients with DOP/IGP and organic certification.

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We will support you with your projects and the best packaging solutions.
We have a wide selection of flavours and packaging that can be produced with great flexibility. Our efficient production plant has considerable production capabilities.

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Our core business is formed by our flagship product, a line of premium quality ice cream, dressed in luxury packaging … a tin can.

This packaging has found its ideal home on the shelves of famous gourmet supermarkets around Europe.

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If you have innovative ideas we will help you to make it happen. Our team is available to create new solutions and combinations that follow the new consumer trends.

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A wide selection of flavours and packaging.